Has your website ever disappeared out of the blue? It happens a lot!

A few weeks ago, I was consulting with a prospective law firm client.  They were wondering why their website went down without their knowledge in April 2020.

I have seen this happen many times.  Usually the host or domain registrar sends out an email to remind you.  What happens when you don’t receive the email?  The site goes down. The host may have sent the email, however, it could have been caught in spam, or sent to an old email address.

To make sure this never happens to your company, I have a simple step that can save you time and money. All you have to do is make an appointment with yourself a month before it expires. Add the renewal date, host and email address it’s associated with it to your notes. That way, you’ll know that the hosting and domain needs to be paid for before the date.

I hope this info has been helpful.