We’ve all heard too much about fake news.  But what about Fake Email Signups?  Have you noticed suspicious names and email addresses that have been added to your email lists?

The culprit may be due to spambots, which are programs that are built to find signup forms and submit fake information.  They are not just annoying they can also damage your email lists and campaigns.

How Do Fake Signups Hurt My Email Campaigns?

If your email list includes a large number of fake signups but real email addresses, your newsletter will end up in the spam folder which can trigger your subscribers’ email service provider to blacklist your domain. That means that your prospects will never receive your email!

It is good practice to review the new signups to your mailing list and make note of the source of the email addresses.  In addition, make sure that your site is set up securely to avoid fake signups.  This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems you may have with email lists. I’d be happy to help you identify and solve any problems you may not even know you have.