Case Study

Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert educates members of the profession and harnesses legal experts to promote medical, social and legal services to those in need.

JALBCA made the decision to differentiate itself from other breast cancer nonprofits. JALBCA was seeking to attract more corporate benefactors and to tell a new story about “giving back.” The website and logo was outdated and functioned poorly. The payment gateway was not working correctly and did not accept Amex payments. 

We began the project with discussions about what they wanted the site to look like, their preferences for graphics and the story they wanted to tell.

By following best practices for web design and development, we created a beautiful, modern secure site that benefactors felt comfortable using to make payments. 

The new site has increased financial support for JALBCA substantially. JALBCA.ORG is problem-free and the staff no longer needs to worry about the programming bugs and security issues that interfered with benefactors making donations.