About Us

  • Are you spending more time trying to fix your website or email campaigns than running your business?
  • Is your website out of date? Are you experiencing security issues, broken functionality, trouble updating content etc.?

We strive to meet our clients’ challenges with passion, creativity and smart programming. We pride ourselves on building scalable, sustainable web solutions that make your business thrive.

We are here to remove the drudgery and frustration of maintaining a website so you can focus on running your business.

We listen to your ideas and concerns then come up with the most painless and efficient plan to build your site or remedy the existing issues.

Regan Wilders founded The Wilders Group in 2009 after working as a senior level developer in the corporate world for over 15 years.

She leverages her years of corporate experience along with a combination of artistry and technical savvy to enhance your web presence and get results.

In addition to running the Wilders Group, she is also the technical advisor for Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert, a non-profit that educates members of the profession and harnesses legal experts to promote medical, social and legal services to those in need.