Last week I ordered my aunt a new summer blouse online.

I sent her a link to the site and suggested she pick one out. Sadly, the website was incredibly difficult to use. She couldn’t find her size and the images were so tiny I had to drag and drop them onto my desktop and email them to her so she could see what was was available. The online ordering experience was cumbersome. The blouse did not fit and returning it during the pandemic was a disaster. Never again.

E-commerce sites need to keep their customer’s experience in mind when they build their sites.

Here are a few tips to consider when building an e-commerce site:

1. Make sure that the images of your products are clear and an accurate representation of what you are selling.
2. There are options to the ways products can be filtered; size, color and price to name a few.
3. Make it easy for your customer to pay for the product.
4. Add tracking information so the customer knows when the product will arrive, especially since delivery services are incredibly taxed at this time.

As a web developer I always test the website as much as possible before rolling it out. Poorly working systems reflect badly on the business owner.

Let’s enhance our customer’s experience by building seamless systems and reducing user experience frustration.